AMFOR - Forestry Development, consulting firm and comprehensive services in the forestry and agriculture, created by the need to cross the services, support management and agroforestry solutions to high professional standards, aiming chiefly to the development and technological innovation, including value-added provided their services.

AMFOR - Forestry Development, develops its services in the areas of research and implementation of new technologies, capture and analysis of information, cartography and GIS development, quality control and productivity, and forest processes, including an environmental area, mainly devoted to perform calculations of CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) and H2O consumption calculation, following internationally recognized methodology.

AMFOR - Forestry Development conducts all its operations, with the highest professional standards and human relations, always focused on meeting the needs of organizations, respecting the environment and people.

AMFOR - Forestry Development has the resources and technologies needed to meet the required needs, training and motivating their staff consistently and implementing new techniques and technologies to achieve the objectives set optimally and accurate.